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Comic Icontest
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1. Must comply with LJ's icon parameters. 100 x100 and 40k or less

2. Images must be taken only ONLY from comics. No movies, fan art. video game screen caps, or trading cards.

3. Each contest will have specific guidelines regarding number of entries, etc.. and will be announced. Icons that do not comply will disqualified.

4. Any text on the icon must be readable. No exceptions.

5. No animation is allowed unless specifically stated in the challenge-specific guidelines.

6. Photoshop stamps are very cool. If your icon is 75% uncredited photoshop stamps or brushes we will assume that it isn't by you, but that it is made by a photoshop programmer and it will be disqualified

7. Please vote for the quality of the icon not the character, series, or "ship" that it portrays.

8. There are two mods in this community. We will be alternating running the contests. On any week that one of us is running the contest that person will be disqualified from entering it.

9. Every icon community has a rule about not getting your friends to vote for your icon. We think this is probably the most broken rule in icon contests. So, here is the deal. On the positive side, when you have your friends vote for your icons- you are pimping our community. This is a good thing. However, please have some class about it. Ask your friends to vote for your icons and then, ask them to pick out someone else's icon as well. So two of yours and one of someone else's. C'mon people let's spread the love at least a LITTLE bit.

10. Don't be pathetic and vote for your own entry. That's worse than having your mom vote for you. It will also make your vote not count. Awwww.

11. Anonymous votes are not allowed. You do not need to be a member of comicontest to vote, but you must have a livejournal account and be logged in.

12. Votes from livejournal accounts that are set up for a fictional character for RPG purposes will not count

13. Don't be assholes to one another. Sadly, this has to be in the rules.

14. If you enter an icon in an icon contest, people are likely going to use it. If this bothers you so much that you're going to have a meltdown don't enter. If you use an icon from a contest- Don't be an asshat. Credit it.

15. If you enter an icon, you are obligating yourself to vote in the contest for other people's icons. Why is this? Because if you don't it will skew the results of the poll. If you do not vote, your icon will be disqualified.

*PLEASE NOTE: One of your mods is a Mommy, the other works at an institute for higher learning. Both have listened to whining for many years, neither is impressed by it any longer, bitching, moaning and complaining will be treated with the infinite respect it deserves.

How to enter icons

1) At the start of each contest round, we will make a post that you can reply to with your icon entry. All replies will be screened, so that only you and the mods will be able to see your entry.
2) You will need an host that will allow you to direct-link your icon. This means that Geocities/Angelfire/Tripod/etc will not work. A good (and free!) image host is Photobucket. We highly recommend them.
3) When posting your submission, please include both the img src (on photobucket this is code on the line marked "tag") and url versions. Your reply will look like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting